Repair & Restoration

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A Commercial Partnership to Fix a Fuel Spill

Identifying the affected areas was difficult since an initial clean-up was already performed.  The affected areas were also in tight quarters making it difficult to perform services.  Compleat Restorations and Shipley Energy worked together as a...

Winner of the 2007 National Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence!

Original stones were salvaged to rebuild one of the chimneys. From being in a fire and out in the weather the sandstone had absorbed a great deal of soot so each stone had to be sandblasted. The chimney had split and partially fallen. We tore it...

Residential Restoration Services

Residential Repair & Restoration

Needing residential restoration services is not something that customers typically plan for, and it’s natural to not know what to expect when your home requires repair. In these cases, you can trust Compleat Restorations to expertly handle any repair and restoration work on your home.