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Weekend Water Loss: The Value of an Emergency Response Plan

This water loss was a result of a refrigerator ice-maker line failure in a third floor lunchroom that occurred on the weekend. Water ran undetected for two days, affecting multiple businesses on three levels. The damage was extensive, causing...

A Commercial Partnership to Fix a Fuel Spill

Identifying the affected areas was difficult since an initial clean-up was already performed.  The affected areas were also in tight quarters making it difficult to perform services.  Compleat Restorations and Shipley Energy worked together as a...

Water Mitigation - Continuity in Crisis

Often, a business is temporarily closed until a restoration project is completed. This is disruptive to business continuity and impacts revenue. The Eastern Lancaster County Library is a cherished community resource, and the Library Board and...

Water Loss in Commercial Property Leaves Not a Moment to Spare


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Late at night on June 18th, 2010 a fire rapidly spread through Keller Bros Ford in Lititz, PA. The fire was caused by an electric fan right outside the showroom of the dealership. Roughly a quarter of the building was severely damaged by the fire and the entire structure was inundated with smoke damage.

Large Loss Restoration

Compleat Restorations has been handling large disastrous and catastrophic losses since 1978. The goal is a shared one: to get your business or institution back up and running as quickly as possible and to minimize losses. Compleat Restorations has consistently gone above and beyond to keep businesses going during the recovery process, and it is our culture to strive to exceed expectations.

Cleaning & Special Services

Compleat Restorations' capabilities far exceed disaster restoration. Experience in all types of loss situations enables Compleat Restorations to be the ultimate resource for specialized and unusual cleanup services. With diversified and extensive skills and experience, Compleat Restorations is truly a "one-stop shop" for all types of loss recovery--cleaning, mitigation, and reconstruction. Our restoration services include, but are not limited to:

Commercial Restoration Services

Commercial Restoration Services

We have been restoring homes and businesses since 1978, and after being displaced by our own fire in 2012, we have a unique perspective in relating to our customers. We appreciate the importance of getting you back up and running.

We endeavor to help businesses plan for emergency response, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Our highly skilled and attentive experts are on your side and ready to respond by: