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Fire damage restoration, repair, and cleanup services

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Fire and smoke damage to your property is disastrous and occurs from an infinite range of circumstances including electrical malfunctions, furnace, chimney, and fireplace accidents, chemical fires, cigarette and barbeque fires, kitchen fires, garage fires, and other unforeseen situations.

The goal of the restoration process is to restore smoke or fire damaged property to equal or better than pre-loss conditions in the most efficient and economical manner.

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Fire damage restoration, repair, and cleanup services include:

40 years' experience with fire & smoke damage restoration

Smoke damage cleaned up by Compleat Restorations

Compleat Restorations has 40 years of experience with fire and smoke damage restoration projects.

From small residential fires to large commercial fires, we respond to all fire and smoke damage emergencies with experienced, certified fire and smoke restorers.

We use state of the art equipment and have the capacity to handle it all quickly and efficiently, no matter the size of your loss.

Rapid response to fire & smoke damage

Restoration contractors fix smoke damage

Emergency response is crucial in fire restoration cleanup.

To minimize the damage, control costs, and to prevent smoke damage to the structure and your contents fire restoration must begin right away.

When you need emergency fire restoration, we dispatch a crew and equipment to provide onsite assistance in two hours or less. 24/7/365.

 How Fire Damage Restoration Works

 Smoke Odor Classifications

There are three general types of soot residue typically produced in a fire. Each type is directly related to the materials that have burned. Restoring affected areas is tailored to the type of smoke and soot produced by the fire.

Classification 1: Protein

Protein residues are frequently seen in kitchen fires and are the result of grease fires and burned meat. The residue color is in the yellow and brown range with a greasy texture and adheres to most surfaces it contacts..

Classification 2: Natural

Natural substance odor and residue are the byproduct of burned paper or wood. Wood burning fireplaces produce natural substance residues. The colors are grey to black and have a dry, powdery texture.

Classification 3: Synthetic

Synthetic residues result when oil based materials burn. Carpets, draperies, plastics, and furniture are typical sources of synthetic residue. All synthetic materials produce a thick, heavy black smeary residue when burned. Touching or disturbing this soot will smear it and therefore is best left to the restoration team.

Emergency Board Up after fireEmergency Board Up

When your fire damaged property is released by the fire marshall, Compleat Restorations will begin stabilizing your home or business by boarding up exposed areas to protect from weather and as a security measure. 

Emergency water mitigation after fireEmergency Water Mitigation 

When water has been used to extinguish a fire, emergency mitigation will be employed with extraction and dehumidification to safeguard against further structural damage and potential microbial growth. Reducing the humidity and controlling temperature assist in effective odor control measures.  Read more about our water mitigation services.

In this scenario, fire and water restoration work in tandem to stabilize your property. 

Emergency pre-cleaning after fireEmergency Pre-Cleaning 

Smoke and soot on surfaces create a chemical reaction which, if not immediately addressed, will cause permanent, irreparable damage to structure and contents. The initial pre-clean of smoke-affected property is performed initially to halt the damage for a cost-effective and successful restoration project. 

Contents damaged by fire or smoke

If the smoke and fire damage has affected your belongings, we work with you and your insurance company to determine what can be restored and what will be an insurance replacement claim. 

Items to be restored are inventoried, barcoded, packed and transported to our climate-controlled facility for cleaning, deodorization, and storage at our while your home or business is under repair.  

Cleaning belongings affected by fire or smokeCleaning your belongings

Ultrasonic cleaning is effective when cleaning items of complicated detail. The ultrasonic machine works by producing high-frequency sound waves. These sound waves clean in the intricate details of contaminated items. A variety of household contents can be cleaned using ultrasonics including valuables (jewelry, crystal, china, antiques), collections (vases, figurines, coin collections), electrical & electronic (small kitchen appliances, children’s toys).

Smoke Odor Reduction

Smoke odor reduction techniques vary according to the source of fire and affected materials. We will employ tools and techniques from our odor reduction arsenal including negative air and containment, deodorization, ozone, sealing, and thermal fogging. 

Compleat Restorations will create a customized plan for your property to ensure a safe and healthy environment is established.

Repairs after fire damage

Repairing your home or business in the reconstruction phase can involve a variety of details depending on the type of loss and the materials that were damaged. Our trained team of project managers and construction coordinators determine what is necessary to return your property its condition prior to your loss. 

Your insurance policy is critical in determining how fire damage repairs are handled and our repair teams are designed so that you have one point of contact with our company. Our team will work with you to determine the scope of work, material selection, scheduling and satisfaction

Esporta Wash System used by restoration companies for smoke damageEsporta Wash System

The Esporta Wash System is a patented and proprietary technology to clean, decontaminate, and restore soft contents. This system can recover an average of 85% of the smoke, soot, and water damaged goods that would otherwise be considered non-restorable utilizing traditional restoration cleaning technologies. Soft goods from all categories of water losses can be successfully restored using this system.

This system enables Compleat Restorations to successfully restore irreplaceable items with high sentimental value such as stuffed animals, wedding gowns, quilts, heirlooms, unique and handmade items.

Utilizing this technology enables us to restore an average of 85% of the soft contents and laundry that would have otherwise be considered non-restorable and sent to the landfill. Cleaning charges for soft contents restoration are typically around 25% of the replacement cost of that item; therefore saving insurance companies 75% on the replacement of the restored items.

In addition to decreasing the contribution to landfills, the Esporta uses detergents that are environmentally friendly and uses less water than traditional washing methods.

What can be restored?

  • Category 1, 2, & 3 water damaged contents
  • Heavy soot damaged contents
  • Items contaminated with a heavy smoke odor
  • Smoke and water damaged leathers
  • Mold contaminated goods and leathers
  • Items contaminated by biohazard contact

Smoke damage on clothingSmoke damage removed on clothingSmoke damage on pantsSmoke damage removed on pantsSmoke damage on a skirtSmoke damage removed on skirt

Third party independent laboratory testing has verified that the Esporta Wash System restores the Category 1, 2, and 3 water as well as smoke and soot damaged contents to food grade clean.

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