Commercial Restoration Services

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Commercial Restoration Services

We have been restoring homes and businesses since 1978, and after being displaced by our own fire in 2012, we have a unique perspective in relating to our customers. We appreciate the importance of getting you back up and running.

We endeavor to help businesses plan for emergency response, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Our highly skilled and attentive experts are on your side and ready to respond by:

  • Expediting the insurance process and meeting requirements.
  • Having the experience, contacts, and resources to handle any size loss.
  • Utilizing our mobile work station, so your business can stay active during restoration.
  • In addition to rebuilding, rapidly cleaning and returning your documentation and office equipment, securing your building around the clock.
  • Deodorizing and segregating contiguous space for continued use.
  • Having a full complement of services such as construction, sterilizing, cleaning, drying, and temporary storage.
  • Having environmental solutions for mold, infection control, asbestos, and air quality.

Equipped for Large Commercial Losses

Compleat's large commercial loss equipmentCompleat Restorations YD drying trailer is a major competitive advantage when assisting with large commercial losses. With nothing quite like it in our market, the simplest description is a very large furnace on a truck body that directs hot air into an affected building while pulling out the moist air.

The two primary advantages for this large drying equipment are:

  1. when the affected building has no power or heat (it is completely self-contained)
  2. when the normal amount of commercial dehumidifiers becomes excessive versus the power of the YD trailer.

This means that there is no job too large or too unique for Compleat Restorations to dry to the proper standard of care.

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