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Environmental remediation including mold, duct cleaning, asbestos, lead and trauma cleanup

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Compleat Environmental works on many environmental issues including mold, duct cleaning, asbestos, lead testing and trauma cleanup.

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Environmental services include:

Mold Remediation

Mold DamageMold Damage

Mold is common in moist areas such as the basement and around windows. Many homeowners think of it as a minor inconvenience that they need to clean. What they don’t know, however, is that they may be exposing themselves to mycotoxins. It’s produced by microfungi.

According to the National Institute of Health, some mycotoxins, such as invasive aspergillosis, can be life-threatening to both humans and animals. These mycotoxins can be breathed in and transferred by touch. Chronic exposure can lead to cancer and immune suppression. Acute exposure can leave victims feeling ill quickly.

Many mycotoxins can’t be treated.

Mold remediation is the only way to stay safe because if the area is dried, the spores can become airborne. Even if the mold is killed, people and animals can still get sick.

This means when you’re looking at your latest roof leak, or you notice a slow leak in your plumbing, it might be wise to get the mold checked and remediated, too.

Asbestos Remediation


Compleat Environmental remediates asbestos which is found in many places in America. Asbestos is a highly toxic substance once heralded for its ability to be inextinguishable.

It’s often found in schools built before 1980 because it was a cheap fireproofing agent that could be added to cement as well as used for ceiling and roofing tiles. It’s also found in shipyards, factories, power plants, and chemical plants. Many victims fall ill during occupational exposure.

Victims often experience dry inspiratory crackles, nail clubbing, and spitting up bloody mucus. Some experience symptoms within seven years of exposure. Others take more than 20 years to begin experiencing symptoms which may include asbestosis, a breathing disorder that can’t be cured, as well as mesothelioma cancer.

It’s critical to have a federally licensed and certified company abate asbestos to keep from being exposed to the life-threatening fibers. 

Duct Cleaning

Duct Needing CleaningDuct Needing CleaningDuct Needing Cleaning

Compleat Environmental also works on ducts which houses many threats invisible to the naked eye. Each day people breathe in pollen grains, fern spores, and insect parts trapped in the duct work from the HVAC system. This can lead to illness and as a result, workplace absenteeism.

It’s wise to have residential buildings’ duct work cleaned every two years, commercial buildings need it cleaned every two years and hospitals must have their duct systems cleaned annually.

Trauma Clean-up

Compleat Environmental works with trauma clean up.

When life-ending situations occur, it’s tragic for families and best not to have them their clean their loved one’s remains.

Compleat Environmental is here to help clean the situation while remaining respectful to the physical and psychological fallout. Compleat Environmental is trained to handle post-accident situations, infectious diseases, and removal of drug paraphernalia.

Specialized Cleaning

Finally, Compleat Environmental is trained to do specialized cleaning through soda blasting which removes paint and oil from metal, chrome and sheet metal. It's often used to clean car parts. The company can clean through dry ice blasting, which effectively cleans mildew and spores.

Lead Testing

Compleat Environmental performs lead testing.