Large Loss Restoration

Compleat Restorations has been handling large disastrous and catastrophic losses since 1978. The goal is a shared one: to get your business or institution back up and running as quickly as possible and to minimize losses. Compleat Restorations has consistently gone above and beyond to keep businesses going during the recovery process, and it is our culture to strive to exceed expectations. Over thirty years in the business gives Compleat the wisdom and experience to be able to anticipate the needs of customers and stay one step ahead, allowing the customer to focus on operations, while Compleat handles recovery. The Compleat team has spent many years mastering the restoration industry's best practices, evolving and developing with the technology available to aid in this effort. Our restoration experts have effectively and creatively worked through the most challenging loss scenarios, successfully salvaging and restoring property locally, regionally, and nationally.

We are well-equipped, meaning no restoration project is too large

Compleat's large loss restoration equipmentIn addition to unmatched experience and expertise, Compleat Restorations is also the most well-equipped restoration provider in the region. Our large-scale drying equipment is second to none, and technologies such as infrared enable us to thoroughly evaluate the loss. This equipment is ready to mobilize 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a regional guaranteed response time within 2 hours of receiving the call.

Compleat Restorations uses a YD drying trailer which is a major competitive advantage when assisting with large commercial and residential losses. There is nothing quite like it in our market. The simplest description is a very large furnace on a truck body that directs hot air into an affected building while pulling out the moist air. The two primary advantages for this large drying equipment are when the affected building has no power or heat (it is completely self-contained) or when the normal amount of commercial dehumidifiers becomes excessive versus the power of the YD trailer. This means that there is no job too large or too unique for Compleat Restorations to dry to the proper standard of care.

With the goal of providing you the best possible service, Compleat Restorations is constantly upgrading its team's certifications and accreditations. All team members are trained extensively and held to the highest of standards and expectations. We are a company of experts, from the ground up.

As a member company of Disaster Kleenup International, Compleat Restorations has the ability to not only call in support when needed, but also to be a provider of resources in cases of regional or large scale catastrophes. Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) is a network of the top tier of privately owned restoration contractors in the country. With stringent membership requirements and continuous educational support, DKI enables Compleat Restorations to not only extend our reach, but also to state without question that no job is too large.


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