Healthcare Cleaning

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Compleat Restorations is highly-trained and educated in ICRA (infection prevention), understands the sensitivity of HIPAA laws, and holds industry certifications including water damage, mold remediation, odor control, and specialty cleaning.

We work with healthcare facilities to deliver priority service and expertise in infection control for patient and staff safety.

We ensure contaminated areas are effectively cleaned from environmental hazards such as mold, trauma, human waste, health concern outbreaks, and dust in sensitive areas.

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Infection Control Equipment

Our company holds numerous certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) which ensures practical guidelines for infection control are followed.

Compleat Restorations uses:

  • Air scrubbers to purify the air
  • BioSpray D2 to sanitize
  • Negative air to replace bad indoor air with fresh air
  • HEPA vacuums with filters to capture micro particulates 
  • Highly-calibrated surface tester to ensure the area is clean

Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean facility makes patients more comfortable and confident in their care while reducing the risk of HAIs. We sanitize and eliminate germs and other microorganisms through our commercial cleaning services. A site supervisor then conducts a detailed check using a visual test, glove test, and surface test to make sure the work is complete. 

Compleat Restorations prevents cross-contamination by using:

  • Containment 6 mil poly
  • Air scrubbers 
  • Negative air
  • Hepa vacuums
  • Walk off mats
  • Sealed debris carts
  • Sealed HVAC systems
  • PPE

By following best practices from the IICRC, Compleat Restorations’ commercial cleaning services reduce the risk of HAIs and lower the legal risk of potential lawsuits.