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Healthcare Cleaning and Infection Control

Compleat Restorations offers healthcare services including healthcare cleaning, infection control, terminal cleaning, and BioSpray D2.  We are highly-trained and educated in ICRA (infection prevention), understand the sensitivity of HIPAA laws, and hold industry certifications including water damage, mold remediation, odor control, and specialty cleaning.

Healthcare Cleaning

For hospitals and medical offices, Healthcare Cleaning is crucial to control the spread of viruses, infections, and environmental hazards in sensitive areas. Compleat Restorations will arrive on-site and use air scrubbers, negative air, and HEPA vacuums lower healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). We provide in-depth Terminal Cleaning services to sterilize and decontaminate equipment and ventilation, as well as use our Biospray D2 formula to clear surfaces of contagions.

Infection Control

For businesses and event spaces, our Infection Control Services prevent the spread of infectious diseases with containment procedures that follow ICRA standards. Facilities with dense populations, like schools, public transit, and stores, carry a high risk of spreading infection - fast. Compleat isolates areas to contain the infection, and uses sterilization equipment to eliminate contagions before they get out of hand.

Third-party infection control is thorough, efficient, and saves lives.