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Compleat Restorations offers healthcare services including healthcare cleaning, infection control, terminal cleaning, and BioSpray D2.  We are highly-trained and educated in ICRA (infection prevention), understand the sensitivity of HIPAA laws, and hold industry certifications including water damage, mold remediation, odor control, and specialty cleaning.

Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare cleaning is crucial to control the spread of viruses, infections, and environmental hazards in sensitive areas. Air scrubbers, negative air, and HEPA vacuums lower healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Infection Control

Health care workers value preventing the spread of infectious diseases and Compleat Restorations specializes in containment procedures that follow ICRA standards to do just that. The team shares photos and real-time information so stakeholders stay up-to-date.

Terminal Cleaning

Terminal cleaning reduces risks and liabilities while increasing patient satisfaction. Using a third-party terminal cleaning company makes sense when situations seem questionable.


BioSpray D2 is a non-corrosive spray designed to sanitize and disinfect bacteria, viruses, and fungi while preventing cross-contamination. It’s safe to use on fabrics, plastics, phones, computers and more.