Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning

The importance of proactive emergency planning for businesses and institutions cannot be underestimated. With over 40 years of experience responding to disastrous and catastrophic loss, Compleat Restorations is the ideal resource for response and recovery planning.

The decisions made in the immediate aftermath of a loss can be critical in determining how quickly you can recover. By having your Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place, you can assure that chaos and confusion is minimized, and effective, efficient response is planned for and ready to be put into action. Circumstances such as widespread storm damage may result in your business being just one on a long waiting list for emergency services. An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) with Compeat Restorations gives you the peace of mind of priority services--you are a valued client and receive priority attention.

As an ERP client, we want to meet your unique needs. If you are unfortunate enough to experience some calamity, you may find yourself with staff that is temporarily displaced. We can provide coaching and supplies to keep your people busy helping to restore your business that they know best, or we can do it all as you focus on keeping your business running . No job is too big with our vast resources as members of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI). Compleat Restorations is available to you not only as the premier local disaster restoration provider, but also as an invaluable resource in planning for response and continuity.

Emergency Response Services

Our team understands the trauma associated with catastrophic loss and are committed to listening and responding to your needs. Our emergency services include:

  • 2-hour onsite response
  • Any day, any time, availability - 24/7/365
  • Mobile command center
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Temporary power and lighting
  • Packing, cleaning, and storing building contents
  • Rapid drying documents
  • Rapid water extraction and structure drying

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Rapid Response
Major appliance failure, plumbing malfunctions, basement floods, and more can all create massive water damage situations that need to be repaired - fast. Rapid response is essential to minimize damage, control costs, and prevent microbial growth. When you need emergency water restoration services, our team will respond, on-site, within two hours of your call - that's 24/7/365.
We Can Handle Damage of Any Size
There are no water damage conditions too large or too complicated for Compleat Restorations. Our YD drying trailer functions as a large mobile furnace that directs hot air into an affected building while pulling moist air out. None of our competitors utilize a system quite like it. The uses for large drying equipment are affected buildings with no power or heat and ineffective commercial dehumidifiers due to the building size.
Keep Your Business Running During Renovation
At Compleat Restorations, we know how important it is to keep businesses running smoothly. When a pipe breaks, or a flood strikes, it can seem like an impossible task. That's why we set up our mobile command center - so even when a catastrophic event happens, businesses can continue to operate with a minimal staff.

Restore your Business

Emergency Response Within 2 Hrs so you can get back up and running

We had major water damage to our 4 story Corporate Office Building. We called 2 other restoration services at 2am. Both said they would be able to see us sometime in the next 24 hours. We then called ...
Dan Hertzfelt