Be Proactive with our Infectious Mitigation Program

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Be Proactive with our Infectious Mitigation Program

Compleat Restorations has been in business since 1978 and is prepared to assist local businesses by responding to clean and disinfect spaces in an effort to mitigate the spread of infectious viruses, such as COVID-19, and other contaminants. The thoroughness of the processes can vary depending on the known or expected degree of contamination.

We use equipment and supplies that have a history of effective cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and airborne spaces from viruses, bacteria, and mold. Compleat Restorations Infectious Mitigation Program offers a full suite of response options.

Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

Compleat Restorations provides proactive planning and evaluation for potential outbreak allowing us to respond accordingly and effectively.

Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

We provide preventative cleaning and disinfecting with industrial products that have a history of deactivating pathogens.

Confirmation Case Program (CCP)

Our trained professionals handle the entire disinfection and remediation of affected surface and airborne areas providing you with the protection and assurance needed to reopen an area after a confirmed case.


Our experts and your team will assess when it will be needed to scheduled routine maintenance to mitigate future risks.