Lunch & Learn - Bedbug Epidemic

Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 12:00pm

The first class is our Challenges Facing Property & Facility Management Professionals Series!

Compleat Restorations presents Kim Wissler, BSW, Health Officer for the City of Lancaster

Kim will offer detailed information on bed bugs, including discussion of property ownership and management responsibility for corrective actions.  Her emphasis will be to provide property professionals with viable information, educating them on proper procedures and an explanation of the IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code) as it applies to exterminations.

Teaming up with Kim is Chris Komarow, Senior Technician/Bed Bug Specialist for Dominion Pest Control; Greg Pettis, Owner of Dominion; and Maria Pettis, Customer Care Manager.  They will share their wealth of experience in treating bed bugs and coaching their customers before, during, and after the treatment program, as well as measures to take to reduce the likelihood of infestations and how to protect contractors, employees, and tenants. 

Seats are limited!  To register, email: or call 800-699-1176

Class Location:  Compleat Restorations, 702 Pointview Ave, Ephrata, PA 17522